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Letter from the 2014-2015 Princeton Quest Liaison

 rosed serrano

Hi guys!

My name is Rosed Serrano and I am class of 2017 with an interest in math. I am from the Bronx, New York. I am currently the Vice President and the Freshman representative of the Quest Scholars Network. I am really proud to not only be a Princetonain but also to be involved with Questbridge because I think that having a support system of people who share similar experiences as you is very special.

At Princeton, you are able to meet so many people who all have many diverse experiences. You are able to meet students who are from all parts of the world. I think that getting out and meeting as many people possible is the most important thing you can do. I also find that it is easier to go out and meet people if you are already part of a support system. I think that the Quest Scholars Network on campus is a strong one as is but can be improved. For the upcoming years I would like to increase participation of the Questies on campus and raise awareness of the network. I think that anyone affiliated with the QSN should take advantage of all of our activities and it is important that that we reach out to everyone on campus. I think that the Quest Scholar Network should also develop relationships with other people on campus that fit similar identities. In the future I hope that our chapter is able to facilitate conversations with other programs on campus about what it means to be a first generation student. I hope that the program can not only expand but also become more structured and use the network in many other ways.

Go Tigers!

Your Quest Liaison,
Rosed Serrano ‘17


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